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Entrepreneurs Parliament Is The Home For Budding Entrepreneurs And Firms Who Are Convinced They Can Be More And Do More.

At various stages in the journey of a company, there comes a period of stagnation.


There are various terms but the underlying symptom is constant: an inertia within the organization that prevents its growth. Enterprises irrespective of their size encounter this phase several times during their journey: successful ones are those that shake out of despondency and head on to the growth path. How does that come about? By injecting renewed vigor into the founder and the top management.


We specialize in entrepreneurial mindset orientation. Our blend of Indian spirituality and western management practices help you re-envision the value you drive and the intimacy you create with stakeholders.
Through a series of strategic interventions we help young entrepreneurs and startups grasp with clarity- what is required to scale up their business to their full potential.

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During the transformation, there are support areas that may be required- business vision clarity, financial roadmap, culture strategy and operations excellence for example. In these and other aspects that the firm requires, we bring-in specialist resources and domain mentors to support your transformation process.

In short, we begin with leader mindset…. We help you envision your future… And we help you realize that future by offering necessary specialist advice to unlock the vision.

India is the world’s second largest startup ecosystem with approximately 50,000 startups active in 2020 and a funding amount of approximately 11.2 Billion Dollars. By 2025, India will have more than 100,000 startups with a funding value of above 150 billion dollars. Yet for every successful unicorn there are innumerable fallen angels who failed because they did not receive the right support at the right time. This is what we plan to rectify- by offering a single window into the various pillars that transform a start-up into a resilient brand.
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Our Mission

We Aim To Help Professionals Amplify Their Success Through A Carefully Created Process Focusing Specifically On Inner Cleansing By Using Spiritual Wisdom& Help Them On The Way To Uncovering Their Full Potential, Experiencing Stability & Maintaining Peace Of Mind.

Our Vision

Our Vision Is To Mould Professionals Into Empowered, Evolved Entrepreneurs. We Believe An Evolved Entrepreneur Helps In Creating An Evolved Enterprise.


We Aim To Help Professionals Amplify Their Success Through A Carefully Created Process Focusing Specifically On Inner Cleansing By Using Spiritual Wisdom& Help Them On The Way To Uncovering Their Full Potential, Experiencing Stability & Maintaining Peace Of Mind.

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The Growth Organisation



In case of a lot of young entrepreneurs, they see promising initial growth in their business just for it to fizzle out into a frustrating period of stagnation.


Another challenge faced by professionals is the lack of capable & skilled employees. If you have to involve yourself in every department of your company, it is definitely going to stunt your growth due to the lack of time. Many talented entrepreneurs lose their spirit due to operation management pressure.


Keeping up with the times is a major challenge for many along with capability development. New technological breakthroughs are coming in at a fast pace and staying on top of such opportunities can provide an asymmetric advantage for organization growth: This is what is enabled through the development framework championed by Entrepreneur’s Parliament.
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Who We Are

Entrepreneur’s Parliament was founded in the year 2020 by Mr. Akshay Sarode. This organization marks the culmination of his successful entrepreneurial streak wherein he personally led a management design consultancy, Car Rental Company, EPI Laboratory, Vehicle Logistics & Operations, EDI and several other ventures.

Entrepreneurs Parliament converges his entrepreneurial learnings and is oriented to encourage likeminded entrepreneurs realize their true potential.

It is the fertile ground where young entrepreneurs and enterprising professionals evolve into successful visionaries.

Meet The Leaders

Profile Picture of Akshay Sarode

Akshay Sarode

Prakash Bhoi

Suvarna Patil

Entrepreneurs Parliament


How We Do It

We have developed our in-house model called Trimurti RCP Framework (Responsibility, Completion & Participation) wherein we have one on one as well as group discussions to understand the needs of your organization & help define business models according to your specific needs.

We understand that businesses can’t be built just by teaching & training entrepreneurs, which is why we travel along with you in your entrepreneurial journey and assist you in everything right from strategy planning to implementation. With the help of our mentors, we deploy our unique RPI, six pillar business model innovation framework which will help bring you customers & achieve business goals.


Unlock- Growth Strategy

We start with evaluating the business & its current value and identify potential blind spots. With careful research & planning, we develop a heat map of segments and capabilities where there is strong opportunity of growth and scalability. After this, a detailed analysis is undertaken to plan the same. Finally, an action plan is devised according to the decided short, mid or long-term business goals.

Unlock- Performance

At Entrepreneurs Parliament, we offer an end to end integrated approach to unlock performance across all departments. For this, we bring in domain & subject experts from various verticals who can identify & deliver improvements. This does not mean we swoop in and do all the work. What we do is empower entrepreneurs to develop themselves and be capable enough to act upon these improvements. This results in creation of an advanced, empowered & futuristic enterprise.

Unlock- Innovation

The Final Step is to encourage futuristic thinking and develop problem solving capabilities. We also help professionals through our wide network of business connects to get visibility and business from the professional circles. In order for a business to reach its true potential, the one thing everybody needs is funding. We help with that as well! We assist our colleagues with brand evaluation & investors discussions at the right time.

Entrepreneurs Parliament


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Client Testimonials

EP is a blessing to New as well as old entrepreneurs. The wisdom and depth I learnt with EP about entrepreneurship no book could have taught me. Happy to be part of EP.
Tapaswi Patil
Basil Realty and Indra Solutions
The strategy and clarity EP gave me for my hotel business is simply amazing. I did the best business in Covid thanks to the guidance from EP. I am grateful for all the support I got.
Surekha Patil
Hotel Rasoi
Akshay is living example for many to prove that nothing can stop you to achieve your goal. His creativity, quick learning and spirit of enterprise qualifies him for any leadership role.
J C Shukla